Since you've probably seen enough and the validity of these being "interesting" pictures is now being highly questioned, I'll end with these for now.  I also had a hard time putting up a picture of myself, but I really wanted to post the bottom one.  So I felt it only fair to put one with me in it too.

Thanks to a couple of my close friends we had Pinball in the reception hall at my wedding and right next to the head table no less!!!!
BUT, than there was this silly little matter of my wife not having any real interest in the hobby.
She was a good sport about it though.

This one is one of those goofy staged photos, and yes there are some in our photo album.  I like it for the sheer fact it looks like I could embark on a psycho holiday at any moment from all the damn picture taking!  EVEN THOUGH I'm standing in front of a Pinball machine with my new wife.


This one is why I posted these.
I was given this by a friend, it had been taken later in the evening.  If you look close you can see she is actually smiling!
Although when confronted by it she says that she was smiling the whole night.
You decide.


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