The following is Pat Lawlor after he had kindly taken the time to sign my Earthshaker!


This was my first look at the new company's first offering.  I was blown away by what I saw!  I still remember Ed Schmitt giving his sales pitch by doing things like shorting a coil to a lamp!  I was so impressed with their games that I decided that I would like make all of them part of my collection, much to the chagrin of my wife.  Someday, like many other collectors, I also hope to add the two prototype games to complete my Capcom collection.


This is my Saturn coupe, that I used to get my Pinball Magic home.
I'm very careful about protecting my games, and wouldn't have attempted it if I thought I might've damaged the cabinet.  So I tested the fit with a junky old cabinet first, and used lots of packing blankets.  Don't laugh too much, I get almost 40 MPG with it.  I've had a truck and van but never got better than 20 MPG, you do the math.  It also helps to keep me from dragging home every "deal" I find.  I drove from Minneapolis Minnesota to Holdrege Nebraska and back to get it, that might deserve a laugh though.


I'm going to cross a couple of lines now for one picture.
The following was on a shelf high up and off to the side in the Data East pinball plant.  It was next to a bunch of discarded, dusty, and possibly test pinball playfields.  I do know Data East made some redemption games but I don't think this one was produced.  I thought it looked kind of cool at least from a distance and it does have a pinball shooter.


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