From what I've been able to gather so far; Litelab was a company founded in 1975 by Paul Gregory and his partner Rick Spaulding.  Quite possibly their best known piece of work was a dance floor they built for the 2001 ODYSSEY club of N.Y. to be featured in the movie Saturday Night Fever.  It is my understanding that it used their L-4000 controller; you can even catch glimpses of the control panel in use during the film as seen below.

My other memories of Litelab system's consist of local roller rinks (most notably at Saints North near Rosedale.)

Somehow I've convinced my wife to allow me to create my own home game room along with the doofy idea that it must including a Litelab L-8000 starburst system to aid in ambiance.

I owe Terry at a great debt of thanks.  Not only can he set you up with a classic Litelab system if you need one; he can also provide service for it or existing systems as well (  He's provided much of the information I've been able to share here about Litelab and more importantly scans of many classic ad's.

Thanks Terry!


The following link will take you to a page regarding my Litelab system and its install. My Litelab L-8000 Starburst Disco lighting system.


You can help conserve my bandwith for others to use too if you right click and save the following link.  I know that you will want to read it more than once Vintage sales catalog from Litelab pimping their 1979 classic equipment lines! (1.81 MB)


The following link contains Additional classic Litelab related photos!


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